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The project is to repurpose a building that has been vacant for several years and modify it into a boutique medicinal marijuana cultivation facility.

  1. The facility will be fully organic with no use of pesticides.
  2. There will be no manufacturing on site.
  3. There will be no use, or storage, of volatile solvents.
  4. Facility will NOT be open to the public.
  5. There will be no sales on site. Therefore, there will be no cash or product stored on site.
  6. There will be no traffic impact.
  7. Neighborhood security will insure elimination of ilegal dumping and vacant property vandalism.
  8. The project meets the zoning requirements set by the City of Sacramento for a marijuana cultivation site.
  1. The building was vacant during the past four years. During this time, there was no onsite activity or ownership presence, which caused it to become a target of vandalism, dumping and homeless encampment.
  2. Currently, exterior improvements have begun, debris have been removed and dumping has decreased.
  1. Our business presence in the neighborhood will increase security.
  2. An updated energy efficient plan for exterior lighting is a top priority.
  3. Property vandalism, dumping and homeless occupancy will be eliminated.
  4. City mandated Neighborhood Responsibility Plan will financially benefit the neighborhood. One percent of the renevue from the project goes back to the neighborhood via the Neighborhood Responsibility Plan administered by the City of Sacramento.

Our comprehensive security plan, which was prepared by a licensed security company as mandated by the City of Sacramento, will make the premises and neighborhood safer. The security plan includes updating and adding outdoor security lighting (LED), security camera installation, controlled access, employee identification badges, monotiring by a security alarm company that will include panic buttons. Staff scheduling will insure on site management 24 hours per day, 7 days per week.


The following informative videos will give you a better understanding of the medical marijuana industry and its health benefits.


The following videos and questions and answers are from a June 1, 2017, Neighborhood and Community Question and Answer Forum that was held to introduce this project to the neighborhood and the general public.

Videosclips from the Forum

Questions and Answers

Q: Does the facility location meet all requirements set by the City for a marijuana cultivation site?
A: Yes.

Q: How will this business help the neighborhood?
A: 1% of sales from the project goes back to the neighborhood via the Neighborhood Responsibility Plan administered by the City of Sacramento.

Q: Will this business increase crime in the area?
A: No. Per Lt. Baker, crime in the immediate area, especially around Florin Wellness Center, is less than in outlying areas due to increased security. Repurposing and occupying this building will deter dumping, vandalism, and vacant property destruction in the immediate area.

Q: Will it increase traffic in the area?
A: No. The facility is not going to be open to the public.

Q: Will it increase trash in the area?
A: No. Trash disposal is regulated by city and state. Property stewardship and occupancy will be a deterrent to illegal dumping in the general area.

Q: Will there be be toxic chemicals on site?
A: No pesticides or toxic chemical will be on site.

Q: How will odors be controlled?
A: Odor control is per city requirements.

Q: Will there be cash stored on the premises?
A: No.

Q: Will there be product stored on the premises?
A: No. Final product is transported to a distribution facility for independent testing and processing.

Q: How will product be transported from the facility?
A: Per City of Sacramento and State of California regulations. A permitted transporter shall be responsible for product transportation.

Q: How can four full-time staff operate the facility 24 hours/7 days a week?
A: This is a state-of-the-art cultivation facility where many functions are fully automated. Scheduling will insure staff is on site 24/7.

Q: What is the proximity to residential areas?
A: There is not a specific distance requirement to residential neighbors. This site location has no pedestrian traffic, is located in a commercial/industrial area and will not affect residential areas.

Q: Will the building be modified in its architectural design?
A: No exterior visible changes will be made to the building except for improved exterior lighting and landscaping.


The following links provide important information about the medical marijuana industry as it relates to the City of Sacramento, the State of California and to health and medical resources.

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More information and links coming soon.

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